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Post: ACT TODAY’s 10th Annual DENIM, Diamonds & Stars for Autism Gala

ACT TODAY's 10th Annual DENIM
10 Annual Denim at Warmkins

ACT TODAY’s 10th Annual DENIM : Every year, ACT TODAY! – Autism Care and Treatment sponsor a charitable fundraising event in order to raise funds to grow their direct support services, awareness and advocacy efforts in helping children with autism across the nation. More than 500 guests in attendance, including some of Hollywood’s most recognizable celebrities, families impacted by autism, and the general community gather together in an effort to focus on the future and a bold new destiny for children with autism and their families.

Warmkins at 10th Denim

ACT TODAY’s 10th Annual Denim at Warmkins Every year

Warmkins Owner and Founder Carolyn Rene’ Garrick was invited to attend the Red Carpet Charity Gala, and also donated our Lovable, Huggable, Weighted Sensory Plush to the support the event’s successful auction.

Warmkins were well received by everyone!! Celebrities, Autism Advocates and Attendees all enjoyed the warmth and comfort of Hugo and Oakley who were brought onto the Red Carpet for photographs and passed around the event throughout the night.

Austim Gala with Warmkins
Austim Gala with Warmkins (1)

Through the event, we were even invited by Shannon Penrod to be guests afterward on Autism-Lives’ Special Holiday Toy Segment to show the benefits of Warmkins for Children with Autism. It was immediately recognized by professionals in attendance, the many therapeutic benefits of Warmkins for children (and adults) with Autism. We were so excited to share Warmkins with such a wonderful group of philanthropists and advocates of children across the Autism Spectrum.

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