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Meet Our Creator

Carolyn Rene' Garrick

Meet Our Creator

Carolyn Rene' Garrick

Hello, my name is Carolyn Rene’ Garrick. Los Angeles native, mother of 3 and creator of Warmkins.

I believe in the potential of Humankind…that there is a love, uniqueness & beauty within each of us.

My passion and my vision is to create a "Warmkins World" where Humankind can find unity through Therapeutic Healing Hugs.

Join me in sharing Warmkins with the world. Make sure to first get one for yourself (we all need that self-care!!), next order one for a loved one who needs a hug or to be reminded that they are loved! Lastly, pay it forward by becoming a sponsor of Warmkins for those around the world who are in need of their many therapeutic benefits (start in your own community!!)

Follow Warmkins on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Together we can fill the world with lovable, huggable, heatable and oh so adorable Warmkins!

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Our Global Mission

Join Our Global Mission to do our part in bettering the World

Our number one priority is providing Warmkins to children who are orphaned, abused, have suffered trauma, physical disabilities, diseases, or mental and emotional ailments.

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