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Global Mission

Warmkins™ has a global mission to do our part in bettering the World we live in by Uniting Humankind through Warmth & Healing Hugs.

Our number one priority is providing Warmkins to children who are orphaned, abused, have suffered trauma, physical disabilities, diseases, or mental and emotional ailments. 

Through Warmkins sales, along with the generous sponsorships, partnerships, and donations from individuals and corporations, we aim to lend warmth, comfort, and joy to any and all who stand in need of the therapeutic warmth, weight, and comfort of our products.

Over the past 8 years, Warmkins™ have benefited families and individuals in a myriad of situations including hospital stays, chemotherapy & dialysis treatments, as well as emotional times of struggle.    On occasion, we also enjoy lending our paw to the cause in supporting the animal kingdom! 

We believe in making a difference wherever we can, no matter how great or small, and we invite you to join us in doing so!

Together Let's Get Warmth. Give Love. Heal the World. One Warmkins at a Time...