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Meet Our Creator

Hello, my name is Carolyn Rene' Garrick. I'm a California Native and Mother of 3 - my joy and the center of my world! I love my family, friends (furry & not!), good books, learning, traveling and all things beautiful.

I believe in the potential of Humankind...that there is a love, uniqueness & beauty within each of us.

In my late teens and early 20's, I worked in the cosmetic and makeup industry while studying business in college. I lost my father to cancer at 19, got married at 23 and spent my final fall semester in night classes, working 2 part-time jobs. I took my finals and my son was born 2 weeks later...3 days after Christmas!   I graduated with a BS in Business in 2001, walked the stage with a 6-month-old in tow, and turned my focus to raising my growing family. You could say pulling things off in a gracefully serendipitous yet chaotic manner is a running theme in my life...but I absolutely love being a mother!

A self-proclaimed "Jack of All Trades", over the years I've been a makeup artist, dabbled in home design, staging, weddings, event planning, and this year wrapped an international commercial as the production coordinator. I love to create and am always up for a new experience! Thus how Warmkins came into existence... 

Warmkins Calabasas Family Hike Single Mother Warmkins Founder with three children and dog hike using Warmkins Therapeutic Weighted Sensory Plush Stuffed Animals as Backpacks, Los Angeles CaliforniaAfter the dissolution of my marriage, I spent 8 years as a single mother, with full physical custody. As any single mother knows, there's a lot of the craziness that comes from starting a new life and raising 3 children flying solo! My children always came first, and I hustled to support them while growing Warmkins organically and maintaining it's lifeblood in an incubated state until I felt my kids were able to handle the pressures that come along with mom in full fledged #bossmode. 

I am recently married to the love of my life and my eldest child (and only son) is now a CA licensed teen driver (brace yourself LA!)....helping with daily taxing around town! Therefore, my ultimate goal and vision of building a "Warmkins World" full of Healing Hugs is Next Level On!!!

Help me share my creation with the world by following Warmkins on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, becoming a Sponsor for someone else in need, and of course by filling your own world with lovable, huggable, heatable and oh so adorable Warmkins!