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Meet Hugo! Warmkins 18" Therapeutic Monkey

$ 60.00

Warmth & Weighted Sensory Plush - Universally Therapeutic in Nature & Multifunctional in Utility

  • 18″ Luxurious Plush Design Meets Highest Quality & Safety Standards
  • Weighted-Sensory Stimulates Body's Deep Pressure Receptors
  • Shifts & Conforms to the body for Maximum Comfort & Therapeutic Benefits
  • Microwavable Insert Bag Retains Heat for Hrs. Can Be Heated or Cooled.
  • 100% Natural Fill Material - Tactile in Nature for Sensory Bliss
  • 2 Detachable, Adjustable Slings for Versatile Utility (sm,lrg)
  • Reversible Paws Cover Buckles when Sling is Detached
  • Large Inner Cavity - Doubles as a Backpack or Secret Storage Device
  • Inner Pocket holds Cash, ID, Medical Card, Credit Cards, etc
  • Ages 3 and up