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365 Days of Healing Hugs

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365 Days of Healing Hugs

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Children and adults battling cancer, liver, kidney & heart disease, and other ailments suffer on both physiological and emotional levels.
Warmkins provide therapeutic comfort through weighted sensory and warmth, effectively promoting mental and physical wellness for patients hospitalized or undergoing long-term treatment and care.
  • Weighted-Sensory triggers physiological responses in the brain and body on multiple levels, causing important cascading releases of hormones, firing off vital neurological pathways, boosting immune system response and depleting harmful levels of deuterium in the body.
  • Hot and Cold Therapy provides hours of relief, alleviating painful side-effects of chemotherapy, muscle spasms, body aches and other ailments caused by diseases and some forms of treatments.
  • Shiftability and conformability to the user’s body shape and movements allows for maximum comfort and impact.
  • Size (18″) means more Mechanoreceptors and Thermoreceptors Fields (when the product is heated) are stimulated for maximum benefits.


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