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Post: Pepperdine University Students De-stress with Warmkins Annual Health and Wellness Fair

Pepperdine University Students De-stress with Warmkins

Pepperdine University Students De-stress with Warmkins

Pepperdine University Staff and Students had a treat when they got to snuggle up and de-stress with Warmkins furry friends! We were so happy to be invited to attend the Health and Wellness Fair and help students to unwind and relax a but utilizing Warmkins Therapeutic Weighted Sensory Plush.

Warmkins provided yoga mats, an air canoe/sofa and bean bag for Stressed Out Students who were prepping for their exams.

Students and Staff alike fell in love with Hugo, Winston and the Warmkins family of furry Blobz and couldn’t get enough of them! They learned about the benefits and effects on the body from Warmkins Healing Hugs and how Warmkins can aid in increased Focus and Concentration as well as help students relax by lowering blood pressure and releasing those all too important and sought after endorphins in the brain like oxytocin.

Hugo and Winston especially enjoyed the sunshine and ocean air and received tons of love and hugs from these brilliant minded, aspiring and inspiring collegiate individuals.

Martha Rivera
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