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Post: LAPD & Warmkins Community Outreach at Rock of the Valley COGIC Church in Van Nuys, CA

Warmkins Community Outreach at Rock of the Valley

Invited by the Los Angeles Police Department, Warmkins had the privilege of attending Rock of The Valley COGIC “The Church That Loves Everybody” for a wonderful Sunday full of Love, Good Vibes, Warmkins Community Outreach, and Togetherness. The LAPD’s Community Outreach, Crisis Intervention, and Cadet Program, all joined together with Warmkins to attend Sunday Worship Services at Rock of The Valley COGIC in Van Nuys, CA.

LAPD & Warmkins Community Outreach – Rock of The Valley COGIC

The Cadet Program donated a library for the congregation’s use, while Warmkins had prepared to bring Lovable, Huggable, Healing Warmkins to the Dynamic Evangelist Pastor Catherine Purdom and her wonderful Congregation. 

Warmkins Founder Carolyn Garrick was invited up to the pulpit to introduce Warmkins to the congregation, share some information about the Therapeutic Healing Benefits and bestow them upon Rock of the Valley COGIC to be used as needed with their growing congregation.

LAPD Cadet Program Library Donation & Warmkins Donation – Rock of the Valley COGIC Rock of The Valley COGIC Sunday Congregation – Warmkins, LAPD Carolyn Garrick, Warmkins Founder Speaks to Rock of The Valley COGIC Congregation Church Members at Sunday Services – Rock of The Valley COGIC & Warmkins and LAPD 

Our reception could not have been more warm and welcoming. The members were so supportive and wished for more information to support our mission and causes. Many asked how they could acquire their huggable Warmkins on the spot!! We had not planned or prepared to “sell” Warmkins to the members on the Sabbath, but the demand was strong and we manage to find a way to get a few churchgoers their furry friends that day….to which they were grateful and ecstatic! 

Seeing these wonderful, genuine, kind-hearted church members get so excited over Warmkins, was not only a joy to Carolyn but to the LAPD as well, who watched as everyone embraced the adorable plush products and lit up with smiles from ear to ear.

Evangelical Church Member of Rock of the Valley COGIC all smiles hugging her Warmkins, LAPD & Warmkins Community Outreach – Congregational Church Member Hugs Hugo – Rock of The Valley COGIC Baby with Warmkins “Blobz” at LAPD Outreach – Rock of the Valley COGIC

It was truly a day of Warmth, Love & Fellowship and the Rock of The Valley Church of Christ In God truly IS “The Church that Loves Everybody”. Whether it be for a young child experiencing separation anxiety, or an adult going through treatments, we know that Pastor Purdom and her church members will find ways to utilize Warmkins to bring Christlike healing hugs and love to those who need it most.

Martha Rivera
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